The course is efficient, accessible, and fun!

Dr. Kasturi Malaviya, Internal Medicine Physician @ Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

The course is efficient, accessible, and most importantly it is fun! Sandeep’s teaching has led to a significant improvement in my singing ability in a shockingly short amount of time.I used to think that I would have a to spend an endless amount of time practicing before reaching the next milestone, but this course has helped me realize that it is about practicing the right skills . It has provided me with the correct tools to learn singing in a way that even in such a short lesson that covers all the key skills (just 15 minutes!), I am able to make significant progress each week. This course focuses on core principles of vocal skills, but also teaches tough concepts in a way that is very easy to understand. I immensely enjoy Sandeep’s style of teaching as it is very easy to follow.

Moreover, I love this course as it has become a very meditative experience for me that brings joy, while teaching me how to sing.


Subash Gaitonde, Owner @ CMC Realty

You hit the nail on the head. I have been struggling with this exact issue of Voice Culture ever since I started learning the classical vocal.  

Although our gurus may know all this intuitively, they cannot guide you or explain in the scientific fashion as you have, with so much precision. I would call your Naadyoga my “Electronic Guru” for developing voice culture. However, like any guru-shishya relationship, it is only up the shishya to practice and internalize the knowledge.

"NaadYoga has taken my music practice to the next level"

Chetan Surpur, Software Engineer @ Facebook

🔘 I was practicing singing on my own before this course, but this course optimized my practice without any extra effort on my part. I could just follow along to the guided tracks, and I didn’t have to worry about spending too much time in one area or another.

🔘 I could see my singing improve within just a week of practicing daily with this. After a week, I was able to tell when I was off pitch by hearing the differences between the pitches of my voice and the guide voice, something I’ve never been able to do before. I was even able to self-correct this way.

🔘 This course makes it easier and more frictionless for me to practice, which I appreciate. I can clearly see how practicing with NaadYoga consistently will greatly improve my singing ability in many dimensions.

"My vocal fluidity & control has increased by leaps & bounds"

Jay Gokhale, Software Engineer @ Stripe

"This class not only teaches you proper vocal technique but also gives you a clear idea of how to incorporate it into your vocal practice. Doing the 15 minute workout over the past few months has increased my vocal fluidity and control by leaps and bounds. I've also noticed my hearing and ability to follow intricate phrases has improved. I would highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to quickly, efficiently, and safely improve their vocal dexterity."

"If there is one thing I wouldn't miss doing daily, it's this"

Rohit Acharya, Lead (Math Education), WhiteHat Jr

"The phrase " less is more" always intrigued me till I hit on this 15 minute gem from Guru Sandeep Ranade. It's a holy grail of power-packed routine that touches every aspect of singing voice , be it to significantly improve  resonance, pitching , rhythm, voice registers  or effectively learn meends , taan, khatkas and murkhis. This well crafted 15 min exercise  packs decades of research and helps singers  develop  360 degree vocal abilities and nuances . I am witnessing an exponential impact on my voice ever since I started practicing this. The routine not only step changes the technical abilities but transforms the emotional appeal in the voice effortlessly due to the way the phrases are designed and vocalized . If there is one thing I wouldn't miss doing daily, it's this."

"NaadYoga has been life changing for me"

Siddhartha Chandra, Data Scientist

"Honestly, this is not a workout; this has been a life-changing habit for me. Not only has it allowed me to deeply get acquainted with the music notes, it has helped me with developing a stronger lung capacity, improving vocal tenacity and texture and immensely helped me in getting rooted in my musical expression. My musicality has evolved manifold, and continues to evolve with NaadYoga and NaadSadhana"